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Apple plans to introduce low-cost iPad

iPhone SE 2

Apple can get ready to launch new devices in the coming weeks. Last week, the company sent out invitations to an event held in Chicago at the end of the month. Here’s what we can see or not see at the event:

Cheap iPad

It’s been almost a year since Apple launched the update of its main line of iPad, as a result of which the world received a brand new iPad at a completely new price. iPad $ 2017 for $ 330 was the best alternative to Android-tablets, offering excellent performance, long battery life and a beautiful design from Apple.

Will Apple be able to provide an even cheaper iPad targeting students? Some rumors say that it can, because the company is focusing on educational projects. It is assumed that at the upcoming event Apple is announcing a cheap iPad and a more expensive tablet model, most likely an updated iPad Pro.

Updated MacBook Air

Less likely, but it is possible that the MacBook Air can be upgraded. For months Apple plans to release an updated, low-priced MacBook Air.

Although we expect to see the new MacBook Air in 2018, Apple’s schedule is not entirely suitable for this event.

iPhone SE 2

The least likely possibility is the announcement of the iPhone SE 2. Although we’ve heard rumors about a new budget iPhone for more than a year, it’s unlikely that we’ll see that Apple will announce it at the upcoming event.

The main reason why it is unlikely that Apple will launch the updated iPhone at the event is that Apple does not sell the iPhone as an educational tool. Also at this event is not expected a new iPhone, because earlier this year, Apple shareholders expressed serious concern about the dependence of children on smartphones.

While we expect Apple to announce the new iPad, it’s certainly possible that the technology giant will surprise us with a completely new product. In any case, PDALife will provide you with all the details of this event when the time comes.

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