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Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers Review


No stationary computer or home laptop is simply unthinkable without a high-quality speaker system that can provide an exciting gameplay or work with multimedia content. One of the most attractive multimedia speakers are Edifier R1280T, combining stylish design and high technical characteristics.

What is the flagship in the world of acoustic systems we will discuss in this article.
The Chinese company Edifier introduced a new model of a two-channel speaker system for public viewing in December 2013. The novelty was positioned by the manufacturer as the flagship columns of the Studio series, designed to provide high quality digital sound.
The exterior design is no different from similar products from competing companies of this price category and is made in a classical style with a lining imitating a tree. One of the main differences of the acoustic system is compact dimensions, which are much smaller than other standard 2.0 speakers.

Nevertheless, the modest dimensions did not infringe the power of the device, the peak value of which in the Edifier R1280T is 42 Watts per column. Such an indicator is very impressive, given the speaker system’s membership in the class of desktop computer speakers. To connect to a computer, home theater or other device, two analog outputs and “tulips” are designed, and the control of the speaker system is carried out using the remote control. The Edifier R1280T is also very popular with its value, which at the time of its sale was approximately $ 100. How much the device justifies this cost, we will try to find out further in the article.

Design and constructive  Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers Р2.0 Active Near Field Monitors


Multimedia speakers come to the stores in a cardboard box, the same compact size as the system itself. On the packaging design, the manufacturer did not bother especially, focusing on the technical characteristics and sound quality. Inside the box there are two columns, one of which is active, and the other is passive, a set of wires for connection, a console, a FGT and a user’s manual in different languages.

To as accurately as possible to transfer the dimensions of each column, you can draw an analogy with an ordinary school textbook. However, despite its small size, the Edifier R1280T’s exterior design is very similar to that of older siblings: a stylish decorative grille, two speakers of different diameters, a bass reflex and a wood paneling. The design is very attractive and without any problems it will fit into any interior design, whether it is a dorm room or an office.

Columns are made in standard parallelepiped form, at which the ratio of width and depth is practically at the same level. As the material for the case, high-quality MDF is used, which perfectly withstand high humidity and temperature changes.
As mentioned earlier, two speakers are implemented to reproduce the sound in the speakers. One of them is a thirteen-millimeter tweeter with a silk winding and magnetic shielding, which is responsible for the reproduction of high frequencies, and the other is a dynamite made of pressed paper, whose diameter is 116 millimeters, reproducing frequencies of the middle and low range. This speaker is also equipped with magnetic shielding and silk winding, which ensures high sound quality. Bass reflex can produce about 75 Hertz, which makes basses very saturated.

Impressions from use

The active speakers Edifier R1280T belong to a group of desktop speakers, the main purpose of which is listening to music. Therefore, if you plan to create a home theater or focus on computer games, then in this case you should give preference in favor of 2.1 systems equipped with a subwoofer.

According to the declared factory characteristics, the lower threshold of the frequency range is at the level of 75 Hz and in practice this characteristic fully corresponds to the description, providing a rich and dynamic sound. Columns excellently proved themselves when listening to such genres as jazz, classical and symphonic music. Vocals and separate parts of various instruments, in particular, wind and plucked, sound just great and, in the literal sense of the word, as if taken for a soul. This also applies to acoustic versions of works in which the sound of musical instruments seems to envelop you. But the singing of the choir looks somehow improbable and dry, however, given the small dimensions of the multimedia speakers, it is not necessary to demand anything more from the device. As they say, everything has to be paid for and compactness is not an exception.

The ideal balance of bass and treble, as well as bass, is observed when listening to heavy music tracks. Just great sound songs in the style of classic rock and hard-rock, pleases hearing and pop songs. But electronic music, for example, trance or drum`n`bass, acquires a special shade, which eventually ceases to amaze and, on the contrary, gives the sound a charming note. To fully appreciate all the possibilities of this acoustic system, it is necessary to listen to the compositions of representatives of classical long-haired rock of the 80s, since it is simply impossible to convey everything in words.

But fans of heavier styles can experience some disappointment from these columns. Some areas of metal sound simply disgusting, however, standard desktop speakers have never been intended for this musical genre.
If we compare the active speaker system Edifier R1280T with other models that have similar technical characteristics and a similar price, then the columns in question are an optimal combination of price and quality and will be an ideal solution for a large number of users. As for higher-end systems, it’s not entirely reasonable to compare these device categories, and even with all the desire – it is impossible, because the technical characteristics of iron are very different, and with them the cost of devices.


In conclusion of our today’s review, it should be noted that the Edifier R1280T, which costs about $ 100, is an active speaker system that combines stylish design and excellent performance. With the minimum dimensions, the total peak power of the speakers is 42 watts, which is enough to enjoy high-quality listening to music and satisfy the needs of even the most demanding music gourmets. The device stands out clearly against other competitors and fully justifies its value.

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